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If you have had LASIK surgery, we can provide expert care. After LASIK, it is recommended that you follow up each month following surgery for three months.


You will still need annual eye exams after LASIK surgery, and we will carefully examine your eyes to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

When it comes to the health of your eyes, we know that only the best treatments and care  will provide you with relief for any of your ailments.


Our dedicated and qualified staff is here to help you with any comprehensive eye exam or treatment so you can rest easy at night knowing your eyes are at full health.

Ensuring your vision is always top notch

Thorough post-surgery exams

 •  Complete eye exams

 •  Medical attention for infections, abrasions

 •  Treatment for allergies

 •  Treatment for dry eye

 •  Pink eye

 •  Glaucoma testing

 •  Macular degeneration testing

 •  Diabetes eye exams

Complete eye care coverage and care

Comprehensive eye exams.

New patients welcome.